Consequences Of Prison Overcrowding Litigation

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The article, If You Build It, They Will Fill It: The Consequences of Prison Overcrowding Litigation by Joshua Guetzkow and Eric Schoon looks over the consequences of U.S. prison overcrowding litigation. This article tries to gain a better understanding of overcrowding limitation’s impact on U.S. prisons. The article then looks at three ways officials could have responded to overcrowding litigation: reducing prison admissions, increasing releases, and boosting spending on prison capacity. Prison crowding and incarceration rates were also affected by officials’ response to litigation. The researchers then used state level time series data from 1972 to 1996 to see if the impact of overcrowding litigation meets their expectations. Several ways were discussed that …show more content…

The researchers then look at partisan political control, inter party competition, unemployment, racial threat, and crime and drug arrest to see how prison overcrowding and overcrowding litigation are effected. The researchers used cross section time series data from 49 states over the course of 1971 to 1996 to examine the impact of prison overcrowding litigation. Their independent variable is prison overcrowding litigation while their dependent variable is U.S. prisons as a whole. Their controlled variables were republican political power, inter party competition, unemployment, racial threat, fiscal capacity, and crime rates. The methods that were used were ordinary least squares regression which was used to analyze state level panel data to estimate the impact of overcrowding litigation on five outcomes. Those outcomes were the prison admission rate, the prison release rate, correctional capital outlays, prison crowding, and state incarceration rates. Their findings were in two stages, stage one examined how states responded to litigation by changing the rate of prison admissions, releases, or

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