Annotated Bibliography Of Prison Reform

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Hailey Dilworth
English 1302
4 April 2017 Annotated Bibliography
Boylan, RT, and N Mocan. "Intended And Unintended Consequences Of Prison Reform." Journal Of Law Economics & Organization 30.3 (n.d.): 558-586. Social Sciences Citation Index. Web. 21 Feb. 2017
The United States Supreme Court ruled that prison overcrowding in California was equivalent to cruel and unusual punishment. This decision recharged a long-standing disagreement among scholars and politicians as to whether or not courts should intervene to protect make changes. Some believe this is a matter or the well-being of those unable to make decisions for themselves. Others believe this is not a top priority and by forcing states to improve state institutions, the already costly industry will have cost increase. The journal also discusses the economic effects reform has had. Concluding that they have made positive changes at a slightly higher expense. The changes made by the state made the facilities closer to “humane” by court standards. (7)
Bruenig, Elizabeth. "Conservatives’ Prison Reform Plans May Cause More Harm Than Good." Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection, Gale, 2017. Opposing viewpoints in Context,
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She argues that the reforms suggested by the conservative party would cause unintended harm to the people they are attempting to help. The author forms her argument by analyzing the prison reforms initiative put forth by republican politicians. Bruenig concludes that these attempts to bring needed modification to the criminal justice system have not improved the lives of disadvantaged people. By focusing on cutting prison costs the author states, the conservative’s suggestion for reform will fail to provide support to community programs that help people stay out of prison. This would make the reform meaningless. It would also rid communities of prevention programs.
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