Consequences Of Themes In Brave New World By Aldous Huxley

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In Brave New World by Aldous Huxley there is a paragraph that states, “‘But why did they want to hurt you, Linda?’ he asked that night. He was crying, because the red marks of the whip on his back hurt so terribly. But he was also crying because people were so beastly and unfair, and because he was only a little boy and couldn’t do anything against them. Linda was crying too. She was grown up, but she wasn’t big enough to fight against three of them. It wasn’t fair for her either. ‘Why did they want to hurt you, Linda?’”(109). The passage begins and ends with John talking to his mom, Linda, by saying the same phrase, “Why did they want to hurt you, Linda”. This stylistic choice of repetition shows the reader that everything said in between the two questions are thoughts or extra information that is going through John’s mind. Through the extra information the reader is able to better analyze the feelings that John and Linda are experiencing. Another form of repetition seen in the paragraph is the repetition of the word “crying”. Through Huxley repeating the word “crying”, the mood of the paragraph is established. The reader gets to know that through Huxley repeating “crying” there is an apparent mood of sorrow and gloom over the paragraph and all the surrounding paragraphs. There is imagery in the paragraph with the phrase “red marks of the whip on his back” being included. The reader is able to picture the red marks that the whip left when John was being hit after trying to

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