Consequences of Industrialization

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Most people regard industrialization as a positive development capable of generating great wealth and revitalizing run-down areas. Mention industrialization today, and it brings to mind large factories organized with the latest technologies in mass producing. Along with these visions comes the promise of more jobs for the community, higher rates of pay, and financial stability. One can only think of the positive influences on a community that the opening of a new factory could bring, but during what some have deemed the Industrial Revolution, industrialization only meant using machines and new power sources to accomplish a task formerly done by human and animal power. Our modern day conception of industrialization can greatly influence our …show more content…

Certainly, to follow one fault line of industrial employment, the disturbance stemming from extra-domestic authority imposed on families through outwork weighed far more heavily when workers entered the factories. For in practice country mills were known to intrude between parents and children on their payrolls, while mill girls not infrequently discovered painful dissidence between their roles as

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