Consequently, By Trying To Enforce Prostitution Laws, Police

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Consequently, by trying to enforce prostitution laws, police officers spend an exhausting number of hours trying to gather information. In an unpublished interview, Dr. Williams, an associated professor at North Carolina State University, stated that policing prostitution in the United States is an overreach. Enforcing prostitution laws puts undue strain on law enforcement agencies. Dr. Williams strongly contends, that government resources could be better used on education and or rehabilitation if necessary. Dr. Williams, firmly believes in the power of education, its empowerment and benefit to all who seek it. (Williams, personal communication, 2017).
Police officers repeatedly set up stings, carry out surveillance, talk to people, …show more content…

It is noted, that arrests and fines are not much of a deterrent, since prostitutes quickly return to the streets to sell sex. (Ivie, 2013). By and large, during the 1980’s several of the larger cities in the United states spent more money on enforcing prostitution laws, than on education, public welfare, health care and hospitals (Raymond, 2013). This should be deemed as unacceptable in such a modern day society. Prostitution, whether done in the alleyways of downtown Columbia, or bedroom of a five star hotel, it is not going anywhere. Those who have no emotional or spiritual connection to sex, will never view it the same way as people who do. Criminalizing prostitution has failed to diminish or eradicate its existence.
Legalizing prostitution, however, and utilizing it as a framework for asset building, may prove to be a winning approach, not just to those in the industry, but also to the United States economy. It is worth noting, that even though the United States is viewed as the most progressive country in the world, prostitution remains illegal and a criminal offense in all, but one state. As it now stands, Nevada is the only state where brothels are licensed, and prostitution is legal. Interestingly enough, brothels in Nevada do not pay state taxes. Brothels pay a significant amount of taxes in counties in which they are located, and

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