Conservatism Vs. Classical Liberalism

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The United States was founded on a basis of liberty and in the early 19th century, classical liberalism was the ideology that society thought would best protect individual liberties. Conservatism and classical liberalism often resemble each other in social and political ideas and ways of thinking. There are many factors that contribute to this resemblance between the two ideologies. Conservatism in the United States so often resembles classical liberalism because of the similarity in the beliefs of government restrictions and regulations.
Before explaining how classical liberalism resembles modern day conservatism, it is important to understand the basis for both ideologies. Conservatism is a difficult ideology to define because the notion of conserving something is shared between all followers, but it is often argued what should be conserved (Ball, Dagger, and O’Neill 99). With different values and beliefs as well as pressure from society to conform, it is difficult for conservatives to all agree on what exactly it is they want to conserve. Conservatism is often referred to the resistance to change, however, this is where the difference between classical conservatism and modern conservatism is visible (Ball, Dagger, and O’Neill 99). Classical conservatives were skeptical of equality and independent freedom and in order to keep the traditional social hierarchy, believed in restraining the passions of the people in society (Ball, Dagger, and O’Neill 100). The worry that the
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