Bipolar Disorder Essay

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In order for a child to experience the best education possible, a teacher must take into consideration the student’s needs and abilities. For some students, they may face disabilities that may hinder their learning process. In order to provide these students an excellent academic environment, it is imperative for a teacher to appropriately handle the student’s disability. In the National Association of School Psychologists’ site, they provide resources in which provide teachers information of bipolar disorder in secondary students. On the NASP’s site, they define bipolar disorder and the common coexisting disorders. In the textbook, Exceptional Lives, it defines BD as a category of mood disorders in which the student experiences recurring …show more content…

Family pyschoeducation provides guidance and information to families with a bipolar child. This has proven to decrease symptoms and increase knowledge and positive interactions. The results from the treatments will vary but information of available treatments and interventions are imperative for a teacher as he or she can provide the students a controlled educational environment. In response to students diagnosed with bipolar disorder, schools have provided various options educational services. The textbook states that collaboration is important to addressing the issue of a bipolar student. Collaboration includes the cooperation of the student’s family, school, and medical providers so that the student may receive the appropriate school intervention. The NASP sites states that these interventions include different levels of special education services, as well as specific classroom modifications and direct serves provided by school counselors and psychologist. The student has the option of attending general education, special education, or a combination of both. If the student has less-severe symptoms but shows to impact educational learning, he or she can benefit from the IEP. School staff members should be aware of the student’s medication and its potential side effects. If a change occurs in the student’s performance or behavior, this information should be

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