A Child with Bipolar Disorder Makes Parenting Difficult Essays

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Every good parent desires to raise his or her child in the best care possible. However, this can become difficult if the child carries an illness. If the illness is not identified and treated properly, both the child and the parent will suffer physically, mentally, or emotionally. Among the many illnesses a parent may face and may have a difficult time identifying is bipolar disorder, or maniac-depression illness, a mental illness in which unusual mood swings occur within the child. Such disorder should not to be mistaken with the occasional ups or downs many people go through. The National Institute of Mental Health’s website provides parents valuable information of the disorder’s symptoms and treatments, as well as information on how to…show more content…
Often the best way to manage symptoms or prevent relapse is through medication in which is. Medication is often a long-term treatment and parents must observe their child when taking the medication to discover its effectiveness and the accurate dosage needed. It is important to understand the side effects of the medication, or medications, chosen and to report to the doctor of any problems arises. However, one should never cut off the medication without a doctor’s aid as it can be dangerous and may even worsen the symptoms. Another option or in addition to medication is psychotherapy, or talk therapy. Therapy aids the child in managing his or her moods and behavior as well as improving communication and interactions. Family members are sometime involved in the therapy as well in which both the child and family members can understand the disorder more. The treatments for bipolar disorder can help the child obtain fewer symptoms and live a much easier life. Living with a child with bipolar disorder can be difficult. Though it is important to be patient and understanding, dealing with a child’s extreme shifts in mood and behavior can cause a lot of stress on a parent and may cause strain on the parent’s other relationships, mental and physical health, jobs, other children of the family, and the child’s treatment plan. It is important that the parent cares for himself and not solely be concerned of the child, as both the parent and child
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