A Child with Bipolar Disorder Makes Parenting Difficult Essays

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Every good parent desires to raise his or her child in the best care possible. However, this can become difficult if the child carries an illness. If the illness is not identified and treated properly, both the child and the parent will suffer physically, mentally, or emotionally. Among the many illnesses a parent may face and may have a difficult time identifying is bipolar disorder, or maniac-depression illness, a mental illness in which unusual mood swings occur within the child. Such disorder should not to be mistaken with the occasional ups or downs many people go through. The National Institute of Mental Health’s website provides parents valuable information of the disorder’s symptoms and treatments, as well as information on how to live with a child with bipolar disorder.
Symptoms of bipolar disorder often appear in the person’s late teens or early adult. However, some signs are developed during childhood. Children with bipolar disorder often experience periods of intense emotional states called mood episodes. In a mania episode, a child may experience intense feelings happiness, irritability, or explosiveness as well as an unusual amount of energy. During a depressive episode, a child may experience long periods of depression as well as extreme changes in sleep, energy, or weight. Periods in which both symptoms are found is called a mixed episode. Children who have bipolar disorder also tend to experience more mood swings, be prone to sickness, and experience more…

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