Considering The Causes Behind Increased Teenage Suicide.

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Considering the Causes Behind Increased Teenage Suicide
Yesterday, 16-year-old Rachel decided to commit suicide-- an all too common increased trend in America as suicide is the third leading cause of death for 15- to 24-year-olds (“Teen Suicide Is Preventable”). Rachel felt like she could not handle her life anymore. Her parents were in the process of getting a divorce, she was being bullied at school, was having trouble succeeding in academics and co-curricular activities, and was recently been diagnosed with depression. So, in a desperate attempt to make all her problems go away, she took several pills and ended her life. Now, what caused Rachel specifically to take this drastic step and end her life? Was it her home life? Her school
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These conditions may even go unnoticed as peers and family members may think “Oh, he or she is so happy all of the time, there is no way they are struggling with anything”. If not given proper help for these conditions, a teen may end their life in an attempt to get rid of everything going on inside of their mind.
However, adults have speculated that when teenagers or youth in general seek help for a mental illness and then therefore receive antidepressants or a similar drug to take, the medication is what actually causes the suicide attempt. On any antidepressant, there is a warning on the label that states “May cause suicidal thoughts” (Bichell). There are many different types of medication under the antidepressant category, and I speak from experience when I say that one type of antidepressant medication may affect you differently than another person. A doctor may speak with the recipient of the medication and warn them to notify someone close to them that they are on the medication to watch for changes in activity, personality, etc. that show signs of possible suicidal activity. Through monitoring and the person on the medication making their thoughts know, this risk of suicide from anti-depressants or other medication should disperse. A major component of keeping control of suicidal activity requires a close family member or friend to be a part of an individual 's life...but what if

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