Consolidation of Power of Hitler and the Nazis

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The ease with which Hitler and the Nazis were able to consolidate their power by August 1934, was due to the combination of luck, manipulation of legal procedures and a willingness to be uterly ruthless. The Nazi position was extremly unstable and in shaky circumstances during January 193. However, after the events and actions taken to consolidate their power the Nazis grew stronger and became invulnerable for the time they were in power.

Luck played an extremely significant role in the contribution to the Nazi consolidation of power. Hitler had been made Chancellor, however real power still eluded him. He did not have a majority in the Reichstaf and President Hindenburg had not supplied him with emergency power. The Reichstag Fire on
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This gave the Cabinet a range of legislative and budgetary powers, enabling Hitler to suspend the constitution for a period of four years, with Hitler also given total power over this duration.
The introduction of bringing about 'Gleishaltung' in all areas of German life also contributed to consolidation of Nazi power. All non-Nazi organisations were either Nazified or banned. This affected German areas of life such as teaching, cultural groups, youth groups and women. For example, Nazi intrusion into aspects of life put pressure on women to stay home and become good German mother, having as many baby's as possible. Also, Boy Scout groups were eliminated and replaced with Nazi Youth groups. Restrictions were also placed on where Germans could work and what was taught in schools, to the extent of being told how one should greet another in public. Anti-Jewish measures in April were also implemented, resulting in the boycott of Jewish businesses and they were dismissed from the Civil Service. In September 1933 the Reich Chamber of Culture is formed, signifying the completion of Nazi control over German culture. The Editorial Law was also passed in October, allowing Nazis total control over the media.
Also contributing to the ease in which the Nazis were able to consolidate their power was the banning of all other political parties. On 14th July 1933, the Law Against the Establishment of Parties was passed. This meant that the Nazi Party was now
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