Constitution Day

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This semester participated in one of the activities that were held on campus. The activity is about reading the constitution out loud; this was Constitution Day. The reason why they had this; I think it was to keep the tradition on campus at MTSU which, I think this have been done for many years this is why they still do this today to not leave the tradition behind; to keep the tradition going. Reading out loud Constitution was one of the activities that they had on campus outside of the Science building at 9:00 am. Students and staffs who wanted to participate were allowed. All the participates had to stand in line and reading the constitution in order in which the person in front f you had left off. The reason why I choose this activity is because it looks fun and because I need to be engaged in something on campus even if was just …show more content…

I am not a usually an engaged person so when I found this opportunity to be at least be engaged in something it opened up doors into meeting new people and being about to communicate with people and being out there when you have time. This also showed me that there are many activities on campus it's not all about school 24/7 studying there are fun things on campus as well. Another reason why I choose this activity is because I was gaining knowledge from it. What I learned by attending this section is the right of the citizen that they have and what the government is permitted to do and not do. One of the things that I learned while participating in this section is confidentiality; to have the confidence to stand in front of many people to read the

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