Constitution's Becoming

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The Constitution’s Becoming As a new country/nation state the constitution… Many influences and cases helped to shape the constitution to what it is today. During the 1787 constitutional convention various political dynamics, followed with our political belief systems, the constitution was constructed. This important document states involved sources and limitation of power. Furthermore this essay will illustrate the various sources that took part in shaping our political belief systems, along with the political dynamics including the major debates at the election, in addition many of the major sources and limitations of power. The Constitution was crafted firstly through the various influences on the framers. Such influences as Shay’s-Rebellion, Articles of Confederation, and The Enlightenment, (Class Notes). Starting with one of the most important …show more content…

Firstly William Penn set up Intercolonial Cooperation; he suggested that all of the colonies should cooperate with one another. The colonies were to cooperate on the subjects of defense, criminal matters, and trade. The cooperation of the colonies lead to the first and second continental congress in 1774-75. The influence helped craft the constitution because the “Continental Congress served as the government of the 13 American colonies and later the United States”. This system lasted until it was replaced in 1789 when it was finally replaced by the Constitution. (History Staff 1) Following that is Common Law and Nationalism. Such phrases as “trial by jury” and “due process” both refer back to Common Law. “Second, the very question of what kind of document the Constitution is and how it ought to be interpreted is better answered with an awareness of common law ways of thinking”(Stoner 1). Common Law was highly referred to while the framers crafted the

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