Constructivism and a Multi-media Project: Initial Questions and Problem

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Neo, Mai; Neo, Tse-Kian. 2010. Students' Perceptions in Developing a Multimedia Project within a Constructivist Learning Environment: A Malaysian Experience, Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology, Retrieved from
Research Problem
What are the research questions? What is the hypothesis being tested?
The purpose of the research study is to investigate students’ perceptions in developing a multimedia project within a constructivist-based learning environment.
Five major research questions are addressed:
1. What is a constructivist-based learning environment?
2. What is the teachers’ role in a constructivist-based learning environment?
3. How can constructivist-based learning environment be achieved?
4. How can constructivist-based learning environment help students achieve the lesson?
5. What will be the students learning process?
Literature Review
What general field of knowledge does this study research? Examples could include research on teacher effectiveness, self-reflective learning, and gender differences in group performance.
According to Malaysia (2010), this research seeks to design a constructivist learning environment that would incorporate the components of Jonassen (1999) as well as setting an authentic learning environment, as proposed by Herrington et. Al (2004). The development of a multimedia project would incorporate multimedia technology with an authentic task where student would become an active

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