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Consumer Behavior – Escort Services - Draft

Hollywood often attempts to take certain elements of human life that have been practiced for thousands of years and reinvent them into shocking and disgraceful lifestyles. This creates stigmas about those involved in these lifestyles, with little regard for what is actually true. The advent of entertainment technology has played a role in enhancing these stigmas due to its ease of accessibility to the masses. The definition of stigma literally means "marked" and comes from a custom from the 16th century, where people would be branded with a hot iron marking them for life for their transgressions. While in this day and age we don’t physically brand people, the stigmas we assign are on a social …show more content…

Ironically enough escort services are thought of as a temporary “cure” for loneliness.

Escort service is defined as a transaction of payment between a buyer and seller for companionship that most often results in “sexual services” as well. In a typical scenario, the buyer or client contacts an agency and the agency then matches the client with an escort based on the needs of the client. The client then pays for the specific amount of time with the escort and the transaction is complete after the escort’s time is consumed.

Escort services have been around as long as the prostitution industry, but there are no specific accounts as to the first known escort business. The industry is highly lucrative bringing in billions of dollars of revenue yearly and many of the “superstar” escorts on average see as much as $30,000 in monthly income. Numerous escort services can be found via online advertisements, agencies, and directories. In the modern age in which we live, gaining access to escort services is relatively easy. The internet, for example, has led to an explosion of sites where you can access these services Great care is taken to ensure discretion in this field and most agencies have a confidentiality clause to protect their clients.

We will explore the expansiveness of the escort services industry and the profits that it generates in the current economy.
We will also show approximately how much of the population takes part in this activity. As a group we define

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