Contemporary Issues Stemming From Racial Oppression

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5. What are some contemporary issues stemming from racial oppression in my district?
A. A major issue that is a result of racial tensions in my district is the fact that there are two high schools in the district that have a majority of Caucasian students and a majority of African American students. This has led to the students in those schools not often being exposed to many students of a different race. Therefore these students respond poorly to diversity, and it has led to the minority students in both of those school feeling belittled and overlooked. Similarly, these students feel adverse to diversity, and this has resulted in most of them feeling dislike for students that are different than them.
6. What racist practices was I taught in school?
A. A major practice that was perpetrated within my school would be aversive racism; in which race was not discussed, and if it was would result in little or no changes to some of the racist practices. Oftentimes people within my community would look for ways to avoid talking directly about race; however would make ill-suited jokes about race, and held outdated stereotypes (Koppelman, 2015, p. 185). For example, African American students who spent time in the library and whose friends were all- white was often referred to as “uncle- toms” or “Oreos,” and whites who had what was considered black attributes were called “wiggers.” These jokes and anecdotes on the face are not obviously meant to be racist, but do result in a feelings

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