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Contemporary Law Reform Issue Student Number: 29123624 Copyright Reform Copyright laws must be flexible in addressing and supplementing the needs of Australia’s modern society. However, the failure of the existing, and outdated Copyright Act 1968 (Cwth) in fulfilling the needs of the Australian public has triggered the need for copyright reform. Copyright reform aims to reconsider the relationship between copyright, innovation, technology, research, and economic growth, where it would provide flexible laws fundamental to the broad dissemination of knowledge. Copyright laws should strike a balance between the interests of the creator and the Australian public in terms of access to knowledge, culture and education. Copyright reform aims to…show more content…
Authors and publishers believe that the book industry will disintegrate through the implementation of a “fair use” system on copyright material. Authors, publishers and booksellers instigate that if recommendations for “fair use” were enacted, there would be negative ramifications on Australia’s creative content and will discourage local investment. In the Sydney Morning Herald’s article “Writers and publishers voice opposition to new copyright proposals”, Steger (2016) states ‘removal of restrictions will cut prices and accelerate supply. The so-called "fair use" system allows use of some material without payment to copyright holders’. Steger (2016) emphasises that the implementation of a copyright reform to adopt the US system of “fair use” would promote a potential fall in jobs in the sector and discourage investment. Steger (2016) also goes on to highlight the economic instability Australia’s creative content may face, instigating that a ‘fair use’ system would “destabilise an industry that contributes $7.4 billion to the Australian economy” (Appendix 2). Conditions that Give Rise to the Need for this Reform New Technology Australian copyright law as it stands does not anticipate or take into account existing and new technologies in society. The internet has profoundly changed the way individuals’ access, share and create content. It enables widespread and extensive access to knowledge instantaneously, fosters

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