Copyright Law Should Encourage Creativity And Innovation Essay

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Introduction Longer copyright terms can prove beneficial for large mass media companies as evidenced by The Walt Disney Company’s lobbying for the Copyright Term Extension Act. This act, often dubbed the Mickey Mouse Protection Act, extended copyright protection for an additional twenty years in 1998. Consequently, Mickey Mouse is now set to enter the public domain on January 1, 2024. Disney will once again have the opportunity to lobby for extension and evade Mickey’s copyright expiration, thus preventing its most iconic character from entering the public domain. This holds pressing significance because lobbying for further extension legislation would likely occur within the next few years. The duration of copyright determines the length of protection. Limitations on this length exist to ensure works enter the public domain. Therefore, the length of protection is one of the most relevant and debated issues regarding copyright law. The proponents and opponents of copyright term extension make compelling arguments, but both sides agree that copyright law should encourage creativity and innovation. If Disney is successful in once again lobbying for an extension of duration, a substantial number of works will fail to enter the public domain in a timely manner. This will, consequently, lead to a stifling of creativity and a suppression of innovation that could be detrimental to progress in the realms of science and the useful arts.
As stated, the proponents and

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