Contemporary Nursing Issues

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GNT 1 – 724.2.4-01-07 Contemporary Nursing Issues Mary Purvis Healthcare Issues In order to determine the safest and most appropriate discharge plan for this patient the case manager will work closely with the interdisciplinary team who is directly caring for the patient; together they will come up with the most effective, appropriate, and safest discharge plan. In this case study, there are several important healthcare issues the case manager needs to address with the team prior to Mr. Trosack’s discharge from the hospital. The first issue that needs to be addressed is the issue of the patient’s safety. There are many concerns regarding Mr. Trosack’s living environment. The case manager would want to inform the team, that…show more content…
Interdisciplinary Team Members The interdisciplinary team should consist of the following members: a case manager, the patients attending Physician, the patients bedside nurse, a Physical Therapist who is evaluating and treating the patient, Occupational Therapy evaluating and caring for the patient. A case manager may also work with a medical social worker. Expected role of Team Members Each member of the interdisciplinary team plays a very important part in planning a safe discharge for the patient. The role of the case manager is to facilitate a safe and appropriate discharge plan. The case manager will determine the patient’s needs by assessing risk and in collaboration with the physician and members of the healthcare team the case manager will lead in the development and implementation of a safe discharge plan. The case manager will do a case management interview with the patient and family to discuss the patients living situation and home environment. After discussing the available and appropriate care options and obtaining input from the patient and the family, the case manager assesses the patient’s functional status with the healthcare team. The case manager will go to the physician and the team to formulate the safest and appropriate discharge plan. The case manager must use her clinical assessment and critical
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