Discharge Plan For Jenny: A Case Study

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Discharge plan for Jenny
There is no hope of life expectancy on this condition for Jenny and need to organize the broad outline of a discharge plan for her. Productive discharge planning could reduce the chance of readmission and adverse events of jenny and her family members. Effective discharge plan of care will focus on meet the ongoing patient centre care which is The impact by the type and location of client’s home. Role of nurse is examined health promotion by educate the carer, how to deliver care or manage Jenny’s symptoms and supporting other people such as family member and caregiver for client’s care instead giving just care which is involves the capacity of carer to provide care on an ongoing basis (School of Nursing & Midwifery
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According to case Word, Jenny’s family have been well supported by their families, friends and the wider community during this difficult period, however it has not specified what kind of support they have been provided (School of Nursing & Midwifery 2014). Future Moore, Discharge plan information from case world should be identify the what kind of support they get, when and where they get. Moreover, it Has not been explained clearly about the details of current medication prescribed at the time of the client’s discharge if she continued or stopped (Care Quality Commission 2009). What kind of medications Jenny having, name of the medications, purpose of those medications and short term or long term medications have not explained in the discharge plan? According to discharge plan information from case word has not mention how and who administer those medications or if has been arranged the community nurse visit as required in timely manner. Importance of required information and education being provided about medication’s benefits and risks to a jenny and her family member (Duguid 2012; Goncalves-Bradley 2016). In a discharge plan has to mention about the family could afford the cost of hire a caregiver and purchase of medication in ongoing basic (Care Quality Commission 2009; Gill 2013). That information’s could be beneficial because of to get a better outcome from patient health by providing quality of care which will decrease the length of hospital stay, unexpected readmission in hospital, improve the classification of services and increase client and professional’s satisfaction following discharge from hospital to patients admitted with a variety of medical conditions. The Unclear discharge plan will decrease the cost to healthcare services (Clemans-Cope et all.
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