Contextual Family Therapy Model. Contextual Family Therapy

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Contextual Family Therapy Model Contextual family therapy model is a transgenerational mode that is based on the assumption that a family system behavioral patterns are mostly developed from one generation to another generation. This particular model is more of a distinct type model that is considered to be closely compared or associated to the psychoanalytic family model (Gehart, 2014). The major assumption for change in the contextual approach model, is to help all in the family system to establish a greater balance in each relationship through the intervention of fairness, trust, loyalty, and mutual support. These interventions is considered to be the focal point for the contextual family therapy model (Gangamma, Bartle-Haring & …show more content…

This process can position the communication process for exoneration and forgiveness which give a high probability in re-establishing a balance relationship. Establishing relational truth and constructive entitlement which is guided by the therapist, the wrongdoer within the family system can give insight to show evident of the hurt he/she has caused. This can lead the wrongdoer to the process of relational trust moving to a level of restoration and mending the broken relationship (Mauldin, & Anderson, 1998). I believe what make contextual therapy model approach different from some of the other MFT approaches is that the contextual family model is more of an influential approach. Also, the contextual family model deals with examining the intrapsychic and the interpersonal dynamic to raise the awareness and give insight to the client, to create new ways to behave and relate to others ( Gehart, 2014). Through the communication and processing, the therapist helps the client and family to govern different aspect of family structure, beliefs, power, and hierarchy. This model searches for intergenerational balance of justice and trustworthiness in family based on the concept of relational ethics and forgiveness in helping conflicted families to rebuild a level

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