Continue The Breach Of Kindness: Contagious Or Helpful?

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Continue the Ripple
Throughout the week of January 9-13, Mrs. Thompson’s Language Arts classes conducted a Kindness Experiment. Students were asked to complete kind gestures and encourage recipients to pay them forward. This task created a kindness chain that is still going on today. Students and teachers are passing the torch of kindness and doing amazing things. This proves that kindness is contagious!
Kindness is a torch within everyone’s body. They are lit up at times, igniting with passion and other times they seem to disappear. However, after we started this experiment, everyone’s torch seemed to light up so much that even their faces showed it. People started to stand a little taller, and smile a little bigger. The ripple effect of kindness has shot through the school! Kindness keeps this world going, keeps us united, and makes no one feel like an outsider. It’s funny how just a little bit of kindness could make someone’s whole day. For all anyone knows it could save a life! Being kind is essential, and should …show more content…

However, the best act of kindness are those unnoticed by the giver. Six-year-old Janiyah was leaving a store on July 10 when she spotted a crying homeless person. Being how young she is, she had no idea that people could go homeless. So she walked up to him and asked him why he was sitting outside, and how come he’s not home or with family. When the man explained his story, she took some money out of her own purse and suggested he go to McDonalds, her favorite place. This little girl did one thing that made his whole day. Janiyahs mom, Kenyatta, posted this on Facebook and it got over 180,000 shares. The article also includes, “Kenyatta also teamed up with her daughter to start a GoFundMe campaign...exceeded their $1000 goal.” This is truly amazing. This man was depressed, maybe even tempted to take his own life. However, the power of one girl, one six-year-old girl, changed this man’s whole life

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