Contraception “WHICH ONE?” Essay

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Contraception “WHICH ONE?”

There are many forms of contraception. Contraception is a form of birth control. Although, some methods of contraception also protect from STD‘s (sexual transmitted diseases). How well birth control works depends on a number of factors. These include medical conditions, or are people taking any drugs prescribed or not. Whether it is convenient, or if it causes any side effects. The main forms of contraception in order of the most commonly used through out the world.

Pill, condoms, female sterilisation, vasectomy, mini pill (POP- Progesterone Only Pill), the cap (including diaphragm), coil, natural family planning-rhythm method, contraception jab and mirena (IUS
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The combined pill is not recommended for smokers over 35, or those who have diabetes or even high blood pressure. Using it is simple, you get proscribed 21 pills in a packet, taking one pill every morning (preferably the same time every day) then you do not take the pill for 7 days (while menstruating), I.e. 3 weeks on 1 week off.

The condom known as Prophylactic, rubber or Johnny, is made of latex or polyurethane, a form of rubber (they were also made from animal intestines but are seldom seen now). It is about 7 inches long, although various sizes are available. The condom and femidom are sheaths that trap sperm, and they reduce the chance of pregnancy and STD’s (Sexual Transmitted Disease.)

The advantages are that it stops sperm form entering the vagina, it is easy to use, and there is a minimal health risk. They are also widely available, they can be found in shops, in doctor’s surgeries, walk in centres and most public toilets.

The disadvantages are varied, they may tear during sexual intercourse, and can slip off inside the female’s vagina. During sexual
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