Contraceptive And Birth Control And Contraception

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Are you using or someone you know partaking in a contraceptive method? Chances are you answered “yes” since “more than 99% of women…have used at least one contraceptive method” (Contraceptive Use in the United States). But you are probably using the wrong type. I can enlighten you to the most effective and all around most appealing birth control on the market known as the ParaGard IUD.
Before we dive in we must ask ourselves, what is birth control? What is the difference between it and contraception? Well, the only difference is what the common belief in society is, of each. Society commonly thinks that birth control is a tiny pill that takes care of your own or someone else’s pregnancy worries. This is true, but it is only a type of birth control. Also, in false thinking, many individuals believe contraception is a fancy word for condoms. As with the pill condoms are only a type of contraceptive. Society only has a small spectrum of what contraceptive and birth control is. In reality, they are definitely the same. By definition, birth control is contraception; an online dictionary states that it is “the deliberate prevention of conception or impregnation” ( There are many forms of contraception. It is a major contributor to why our population is limited to 7.4 billion people (Current World Population). If you are ever considering a contraception method the Intrauterine device, especially the ParaGard, will be a dependable option to keep the population

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