Contraceptives and Misconceptions Essay

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Contraceptives and Misconceptions

There are many serious issues facing the U.S. today that require the rethinking of our problem-solving methods. In many situations, we may let our emotions interfere with our interpretations of the facts. When a question of morals is involved, we often focus on what we want and not on what we've got. One of the most complicated and emotional issues today is the subject of making contraceptives available to teenagers. Can it be that adult misconceptions are causing teenage conceptions?

The statistics on teen sex are staggering. According to Mrs. Seth, spokesperson for Planned Parenthood, "Eighty-five percent of high school students, by the time they reach the twelfth grade, are …show more content…

If children don't have sex, they don't need protection. If they do have sex, pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases shouldn't be a price they have to pay for the attitudes of adults who don't approve. Unfortunately, teenagers can and do have sex without parental approval. The truth becomes apparent when a teen becomes a parent.

Parents try to be aware of what their children are doing; however, it is a misconception to think that sexual activity can be controlled at all times. Our society, not biology, declares that teens are not supposed to engage in sex. Teenagers are designed by nature to have sex, are possessed of all the necessary equipment to do so, and have the mental capabilities to hide such behavior from adults. The sex drive is not caused by teachers, contraceptives, or the media. Although well-meant, the notion that parental warnings can make sex less appealing is arrogant and foolish. Teenagers are having sex without permission, and the goal must be to minimize the damage, not look for someone to blame. As adults struggle with controlling the actions of their children, they should protect them at the same time. If children are forbidden to have sex, it is unlikely that they will discuss sexual problems with the very person who told them it is not permissible. There must be options available to them, such as sex education

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