Essay On Gothic Contradictions

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‘Remixing Gothic Contradictions’ at first seemed as a seemingly obscure topic when I first entered my English 1102 class this semester, however, I worked through all the Artifacts through the semester, I realized how ubiquitously the themes in Gothic literature are present in life. For example, in Dracula, the motif of the Christian symbols in Transylvania resembles those I encounter in day-to-day life here in the Southern United States. In large cities, such as Atlanta, I see less emphasis on religion placed in society, but when I travel towards the more rural areas, I see more churches and people involved in the religion in general, just as Johnathan Harker noticed in the contrast between England and Transylvania. This was what I believe was the lifeblood of the course, these themes are what makes literature so interesting and relatable, and is what made me come to class everyday yearning to learn and make more connections.

Another primary goal of this class was to propagate our competence in communication through the various different modes like infographics and videos, both written and verbal. Our assignments, especially in the latter part of the semester has been focused on the collaboration with other colleagues, which definitely aided us in those skills, necessary in the increasingly interconnected world. The process of creating these artifacts highly built upon the consequential revision process, WOVEN. My personal goals in this class were to improve my verbal

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