Olaudah Equiano Essay

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Olaudah Equiano was an African slave born in the year 1745. At the age of eleven, he was savagely taken from his family and sold into the boundaries of slavery. Equiano was shipped to the West Indies but later found himself traveling across the Atlantic. Equiano served the captains of slave ships and British navy vessels. He spent eight years under the leadership of Officer Henry Pascal. During that time frame, he was renamed Gustavus Vassa and sent to school to become educated in reading and writing. He was also persuaded in to being baptized by Protestant Christians. Equiano then worked for King Robert as a clerk. He was allowed to engage in minor trade and soon made enough to purchase his freedom in 1766. Shortly after his liberation, Equiano published a slave narrative in 1789 to try and undo the process of European colonization. Despite minor flaws in this slave narrative, Olaudah Equiano helped contribute to the end of British participation in the slave trade.
In my opinion, the most thoughtful contribution of this slave narrative was its ability to help form the British Slave Trade Act of 1807. His narrative encouraged the British colonies to withdraw participation in the slave trade. By the time Equiano had published his narrative, the slave trade had dominated the Atlantic for about 400 years, and, although, his narrative didn’t directly influence the bill, it paved way for its debut. For instance, Equiano’s narrative guided Baptists to see that slavery was

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