Control The Mind And You Control Their Behavior

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As stated by T. Blauer, “Control the mind and you control the behavior”. This quote is relevant because it applies to the way people behave when they know they are being watched. Body cameras are small camcorders law enforcement officers wear with their uniform. Evidence given by body cameras can help defend an officer and his or her job. Citizens will also be benefitted and protected. As a result, officer behavior and work ethic can be refined. Despite the advantages of body cameras, opposition is at hand due to privacy concerns. Police officers should be required to wear body cameras to protect citizens and themselves. Body cameras can protect officers’ jobs and reputation. When police wear body cameras, there are less allegations filed. Studies have shown that both officers and the public behave better when they know they are being observed. Therefore, there is greater police accountability and less citizen liability. In Rialto, California, a study on police-worn cameras was conducted for 12 months. The results of the study show an 88% drop in complaints since body cameras had been in use. (Kalin) Police brutality can be disproved. If an encounter is caught on camera, there is no point for an individual to accuse an officer of misconduct. In the Burton v. Taylor case, the man claimed that the officer used a Taser on him without reason. However, the incident was caught on camera, showing the man resisting arrest, therefore discrediting the man’s story and supporting the
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