Controversy Between the Existence of God Essay example

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In “The Brothers Karamazov” by Fyodor Dostoevsky made a famous claim that establishes the link between the existence of God and morality. Apart from the controversy related to the scope of the quotation, the discussion on the proper translation and interpretation of the words of Ivan Karamazov. For instance, in his article “Dostoevsky did not say it” D.Cortesi claims that Dostoevsky did not make such claim (Cortesi 1). However, the research by Russian-speaking authors shows that the original text of “The Brothers Karamazov” contains the statement under study (Volkov 1). Coming to the scope of the claim, one should concentrate on the reasons for making such claim, as well as the relation between the moral beliefs of secular humanists and…show more content…
Many religions have well-developed value frameworks that help adherents distinguish between moral and immoral actions, serving as their guides in all the situations that require choosing the model of behavior. The frameworks that regulate personal behavior, suing the categories of morality and immorality, manifest themselves in the form of holy books, written and oral traditions and the statements of religious leaders. The second reason lies in the fact that the scope of basic principles of religious and secular morality is the same. For instance, the norms of moral behavior that are contained in the Ten Commandments (e.g., the prohibition of murder, adultery and theft) are shared both by deists and Atheists. Thirdly, religious people tend to think that God had created everything in the world. Therefore, it is quite natural for them to think that God had created morality. Thus they see morality and religion as either two inseparable notions or even the one that finds its roots in the idea of God. The historically formed link between the morality and religion, the universal nature of moral values and the doctrine of God’s will as a source of everything that exists in the world can be viewed as prerequisite for the formation of the point under study.
While one can believe that God creates morality, and the non-existence of God means that morality does not exist, lots of questions
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