Coral Reef Building Organisms And Form The Reef Frame Work

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Scleractinian corals are the major reef building organisms and form the reef frame work
3 that serves as a habitat for numerous life forms (Owen et al., 2012). Existence of corals is
4 threatened by numerous factors generated by climate change and anthropogenic activities. The
5 “Climate change” exerts its impacts through variety of processes including warming seas, ocean
6 acidification, diseases, altered currents, strong storms and rising sea-levels. Coral diseases linked
7 to climate change are often difficult to predict as numerous other factors are also involved in
8 inducing the outbreak of diseases (Bourne et al., 2009; Ainsworth et al., 2010). The
9 anthropogenic stress including over-exploitation of reef resources, nutrient enrichment through
10 pollution, coastal development and the synergistic action of these stresses have profound
11 implications on coral reef ecosystems and dilute the recovering potential of the corals (Harley et
12 al., 2006).
13 There are four major coral reefs in India, namely Gulf of Kachchh and Lakshadweep
14 atolls in the Arabian Sea; Gulf of Mannar & Palk Bay and Andaman & Nicobar Islands in Bay of
15 Bengal. Additionally, off-shore patchy reefs are found along the central west coast of India
16 between Maharashtra to Goa (Pillai, 2010) (Fig. 1). Ministry of Earth Sciences and Space
17 Application Centre (SAC) present a more recent picture of the total reef area in India and its
18 extent, using remote sensing imageries for the period…

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