Keys National Marine Sanctuary

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I am writing about the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. The natural marine sanctuary has been In Florida. There are much fish In the sanctuary, but there is only one kind of species that Is really important to the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. The thing that is really popular or important is the coral polyps. Now the coral polyps is a flower. It has tiny, soft sea anemone. Just like animals that make a cup of calcium carbonate around themselves for their own protection. Thousands and thousands of these tiny polyps build all their skeletons together to form a colony. They keep building the skeletons on top of each other and sometimes It grows up to hundreds of meters tall. Did you know there are four main types of coral habitat in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary? The coral polyps are the …show more content…

Some large school of fish can be found looking for food, such as the schoolmasters and the sergeant majors. During the day that is when the coral polyps are the busiest, because the spiny lobsters and long-spined black urchins hide In It. At the night time, that is when they come out to get their own food. Fish that live near the coral polyps are usually very colorful. There are lagoons in between barrier reef and the shoreline. The lagoon has calm water and has sand on the bottom. Lagoons are usually covered in turtle grass and green algae. But enough talking about lagoons. The coral polyps issue is the death of the corals worldwide.
The reason that the coral polyps are dying is because of the diseases overfishing, It’s basically a fancy way of saying coral bleaching. One-quarter of all marine species is found in coral reefs. The coral reefs are food to most species. The organisms that live in the coral polyps are being studied for new medicines. Each organism fits into the food web because well something eats them and then that species that is being eaten will be eating another

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