Core Fundamentals Of Hurricane Katrina

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During Hurricane Katrina, the nation’s response to the disaster that affected Louisiana and Mississippi was overwhelming. Nothing of this magnitude had happened before and no one was completely sure of what needed to happen. This caused mass confusion and time delays in getting the help to where it needed to be. In addition, political interests interfered with the response. If all the leaders of the nation at the time would have followed the core fundamentals of Defense Support of Civil Authority (DSCA), everything would have been much smoother and lives would have been saved. These fundamentals of Federal and State laws, civil authorities in charge, the military force leaving, and the tracking of funds are all mechanisms that are very clear and laid out.
These are found in Army Doctrine Publication (ADP) No. 3-28. No one incident is the same as the other, but four defining traits encompass all of them. They are; Federal and State laws that define how a military force will assist civil authorities, Civil authorities are in command and the military supports them, the military force will depart once the Civil Authorities are able to handle the situation, and the military force must document all expenditures of funds, direct or indirect, in support of the Civil authorities. (U.S. Army, 2012) These traits provide a good base for the use of military forces to support Civil authorities, the problem lies in that when sending in Active Component Military it can also be

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