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Cornell-Peru Project Case Analysis This case was about Dr. Allan Holmberg of Cornell University with a group of students from the university of San Marcors did anthropological study in Vicos that the outcome turn out to change the society and brought social innovation to the people who lives in Vicos. The most important concept Dr. Allan Holmberg and his group had shown to the people in Vicos was “men are equal”. From a modern society perspective that “men are equal” is the fundamental element in our life standard. Everyone should have the right to speak freely and have the rights to make their own decisions. Everyone should have the rights to choose whom they want to work for and work under no unequal treatment. However, when Dr. Allan …show more content…

There were the methods that Dr. Allen Holmberg and his group had used to accomplish their goal. Share of Power According to Dr. Allen Holmberg that the share of power requires democratic discussion. The workers used to take orders from overseer that they kept silent during the work. To fix this problem that Cornell turned the mondo into a seminar, which encourage workers to speak out for their heart and open discussion. The democratic discussion is one characteristic of the concept “men are equal”. By use the seminar to let workers to speak their mind is an approach to implement the concept of “men are equal”. Agricultural Revolution Dr. Allen Holmberg and his group gave the farmers in Vicos better seeds, fertilizer, and insecticides under cheap cost. At beginning, the Indians were afraid to use that only 17 families had tried. But the 17 out of 300 families who had tried the new technology had doubled the practice spread. People in Vicos started to realize that the new ways of technology could change their lives. After three years of learning that the Cornell could self-sufficiency and even sell the product in the region for cash. This change had influenced people in Vicos and support them the needs for living and meanwhile to teach them to accept new innovations in life. Education Education is the fundamental element in our modern society that knowledge can surely change our lives and make our

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