Corporal Punishment Is A Form Of Physical Punishment

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Corporal punishment is a form of physical punishment that inflicts pain on kids for their negative actions such as spanking. This topic is controversial because some people feel very strongly that they should be allowed to continue using these methods and others feel very strongly that they should not be allowed to. I feel as if this method of punishment is inhumane and should not continue to be used. The modernization of psychology has proved that hitting children will not help them learn that what they did was wrong and will probably just make them angry or frustrated why they were abused. Even if they don’t do it again i think that it’s just because they’re scared not to, not because they actually learned not to and once they aren 't scared anymore then they may continue to commit that action. Also if it 's legal for people to do then in some cases it will be overused and the person will not be able to get into trouble if they get caught.

Being abused can be a very traumatizing life event that can affect somebody forever, if we start bringing it back into schools then it could really ruin some kid 's lives. According to Yun Jinies, who writes for abc news, he wrote this article to inform people about some of the dangers that come along with corporal punishment being in schools. Yun brought up a specific incident that occurred in a school where a principal paddled a 5 year old student. ”Tenika Jones says the principal at the Joyce Bullock Elementary School in Levy
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