Corporate Crime Wave

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The Global Economy’s Corporate Crime Wave discusses world corporate crime and how the influence of money corrupts politics and the economic markets. The power of corporations on our culture is interesting and the depth of corruption, is in moments implausible. Jeffery D. Sachs is a professor and a writer. Sachs writes articles for Project Syndicate, a world’s opinion website and has written books that include: The End of Poverty, Common Wealth and The Age of Sustainable Development. Sachs background provides him with the knowledge and capability to write an educated article on the possibility of the corporate crime wave. The purpose of this article is to educate American Citizen’s on corporation’s power and influence on the government. Our figures in power and leaders in America are aware of corruption in corporations, yet they sweep it under the rug, fire someone to appease the people without divulging …show more content…

After all corporations are considered persons. One of the examples Sachs references in the article is regarding our former Vice President (VP) Dick Cheney; prior to his role as V.P. he was Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Halliburton. During Cheney’s employment with Halliburton they were engaged in bribery efforts with Nigerian officials, with hopes of gaining access to Africa’s oil fields. The Nigerian government charged Halliburton with bribery and the case was settled for thirty-five million dollars, with no repercussions to Cheney and little to no awareness in the United States media. This was a drop in the bucket. Sachs is educating citizens that there is a wildfire spreading and most if not all corporate crime flies under the radar of most Americans. “Corporate corruption is out of control for two main reasons. First, big companies are now multinational, while governments remain national.

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