Corporate Governance : The Top Level Management

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Corporate Governance The basic parts of all corporations are shareholders, board of directors, and the top management. Shareholders are owners of the shares of a corporation. Board of directors are an elected team of members that work together in order to oversee the activities of a company or organization. Top management refers to the Top-Level Management. Top-level managers include presidents, vice-presidents, CEOs, general managers, and senior managers, etc. Top-level managers are responsible for controlling the entire organization. The relationship among these three groups is known as Corporate Governance. The chart below explains the different components of corporate governance, and what the board of directors and the top management is composed of. IBM, like all other corporations, has the same general set-up of their corporate governance. Board of Directors IBM’s board of directors of composed of the following members: • Alain J.P. Belda, 71 (external) Director since 2008 • William R. Brody, 71 (external) Director since 2007 • Kenneth I. Chenault, 63 (external) Director since 1998 • Michael L. Eskew, 65 (external) Director since 2012 • David N. Farr, 60 (external) Director since 2012 • Alex Gorsky, 54 (external) Director since 2014 • Shirley Ann Jackson, 68 (external) Director since 2005 • Andrew N. Liveris, 60 (external) Director since 2010 • W. James McNerney, 65 (external) Director since 2009 • James W. Owens, 69 (external) Director since 2006 • Virginia M.
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