Corporate Libertarianism In Korten's When Corporations Rule The World

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When Corporations Rule the World revolves around Korten’s main argument that transnational corporations and financial institutions haven taken over the economy and global politics with deleterious results to democracy, the environment and the general population. The second part of his argument is that there is an urgent need for change, as he calls for action to combat and replace what he refers to as “corporate libertarianism” with “democratic pluralism”. “Corporate libertarianism” is the laissez-fair approach of removing any barriers that could potentially interfere with the financial success of large corporations, while “democratic pluralism” is a system in which more than just one major entity dominates. Korten’s usage of a strong theoretical approach, election of concepts, arguments, and evidence enable him to make a compelling argument that drives the reader to desire change. In When Corporations Rule the World, Korten maintains a methodical and clear theoretical approach to develop his arguments. He utilizes the Introduction to disclose his general views on capitalistic society, which he believes promotes the accumulation of economic and political power by big business that “destroys life to make money and organizes as a suicide economy that destroys the foundations of its own existence…”(Korten 21). In fact, the Introduction establishes the overarching arguments, and each subsequent Part bolsters the argument that is made by focusing on a particular aspect of

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