Corporate Social Responsibility Paper 2

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Corporate Social Responsibility-
MNGT 5990
A. List 5 outcomes that make Walmart a socially responsible company.

1. Giving back to the society: The Walmart Foundation gives back to the society by giving scholarships and contributing to charitable organizations worldwide.
2. Women’s empowerment: Walmart and the Walmart Foundation are providing training and career opportunities for nearly 1 million women worldwide.
3. Energy efficiency: Renewable energy sources account for 21% of Walmart’s electricity worldwide.
4. Veterans: Walmart plans to hire more than 100,000 U.S. veterans over the next five years.
5. Diversity: Women account for almost 28% of Walmart’s corporate officers as well as hiring workers with different cultural …show more content…

Overall, I stand by the fact that Walmart’s good to America far outweighs its bad.

Despite the fact that Walmart is good for America, they are not making the world a better place.
Walmart is taking jobs out of America to other countries like china, where greater parts of their products are manufactured. This is not being socially responsibly to the community. Walmart again pays its employees low wages. The company do not care about the employees welfare, the fact that you need a job means you are in need and they treat you any how they want. There are so many questions that need to be answered. Walmart taking out life insurance policy on terminal ill employees while making millions in profit from customers. Walmart put small businesses out of business and the charge double what they were charging because there is no other choice. Is it ok to do all these wrong and donate to the society and charity and portray to the world that you are a good company.
My recommendation to Walmart will be :
1. To make it part of their policy to manufacture greater part of their products here in America while maintaining the quality.
2. Welfare of employees should be number one priority and ill employees should not be taken off insurance.
3. Workers should be paid above the minimum wage to give them a better living condition.

The positive side of the new policies will be, maintaining most of its manufactured products here in America, will make America a

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