Correlation between Gun Violence and Video Games in the Article, The Truth About Video Games and Gun Violence by Erik Kain

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The article, “The Truth About Video Games and Gun Violence” by Erik Kain discusses how video games and gun violence correlates. The author opens up with someone by the name of Aaron Alexis who resorted to gun violence while playing video games that contained violence. There is a violent video game that scares parents and behavioral experts. There has been a debate on whether people who play video games later have violent behavior. Throughout the years, video games continue to show images portraying violence. Tragedies like Newton has caused many well known people or celebrities to give in their input to why violence learned by video games should be stopped or better regulated. People like Donald Trump, Ralph Nader, and Wayne LaPierre claim that video games and violence are linked and can be seen throughout society. The government has proposed alternatives to diminishing consumption so that violence might decrease in our society, but with this they also want to understand the influence violent video games have on today’s youth. Although, many would find Mario and Pokemon to be the most popular in the video game industry, first person shooter games are in fact much more popular today. Two examples of first person shooter games that are popular in today’s market are Call of Duty and Bioshock Infinite. Even though first person shooter games are quite popular among the gaming industry, they still contain violence. Research trying to prove that video games and violence have a

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