Corrupt Politics, President 's Escape And More For New Ukraine

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Corrupt politics, president’s escape and more to New Ukraine.
Ukraine made the news a lot in the past year, but for anything Ukraine discovered or made. In the past year the country has been in crisis due to the events that started off as a riot for Ukraine becoming a part of EU and leading to annexation of Crimea and war in east part of the country. Ukraine has been ruled by corrupt politicians and oligarchs and has been strongly influenced by Russia. These two countries always had close ties, because of their past as Soviets countries, they share a common language and are currently in "pre-war" status right now (McMahon, 2014). This past year has been rough with crisis and has affected areas like: social, cultural and economic. Ukrainian government has failed its purpose to protect and make improvements in the best interest of the country, and now thousands of people lost their homes and thousands have died, with hundreds being killed directly at the request of former President Victor Yanukovych, who now has escaped and currently staying in Russia with a political support from their side (Babich, 2014). The question now is; with everything that 's happening inside the country, should Russia be allowed to invade and destroy cities and squares, while the peace agreement and sanctions are attempting to stop this chaos? No, but the aid from countries like Germany and United States of America is not significant and influential enough to stop Russia from military

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