Narrative Therapy With Charlie

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Counseling Project: Narrative Therapy with Charlie
Liberty University
Taylor Finley

This paper looks at the case study of Charlie and how his individual case would be conceptualized and treated with a Narrative Therapy approach. This adult male is seeking treatment for his angry issues that cause him to put down his friends and family to avoid dealing with his own problems, his excessive drinking which he uses to temporarily forget the pain and anger he possesses, and his addiction to sex. The use of Narrative Therapy will help Charlie to begin the change that he desires through treatment techniques like questioning, written artifacts, and outsider witness practices. If Charlie had an open mind to incorporating the Christian faith into his therapy treatment, the focus would then turn to scripture for encouragement and prayer. The outcome of the therapy is positively viewed, in that Charlie was successfully able to control his anger and have a more positive outlook in life in general, leaving behind his drinking and sexual sin. Keywords: Narrative Therapy, questioning, written artifacts, outsider witness practices
Case Conceptualization using Narrative Therapy
Narrative Therapy is an approach to counseling that places people as the professionals in their own lives. This type of therapy aims to view problems as separate individuals to people, assuming that the individual’s set of skills, experience, and mindset will assist them in reducing the influence of

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