Counter Narrative Analysis

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Although it may be a harrowing to think, racism is still an issue that remains in our society. Even authority figures such as police officers have racial biases. This is a fact that may be easily visible to people of color, especially those in lower classes. However, it is not always evident to everyone, since the Master Narrative is that racism is abhorrent, and now a thing of the past. The TV show “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” broached the issue of racial profiling in the first season on its sixth episode titled, “Mistaken Identity” which aired on October 15, 1990. The TV show is a 90's sitcom about Will Smith, a street-smart teenager who is sent away by his mother to move in with his wealthy relatives so he can be positively influenced by them. The Counter Narrative presented is that people, including authority figures, act in prejudicial and …show more content…

It shows how a white man is more likely to get away with something a black man would not be able to get away with. The standards in order for a white man to be arrested are higher compared to a black man who could easily be arrested, even when there is no real reason for it such as is the case for Will and Carlton. This episode calls for a recollection of what Michelle Alexander discusses in her paper “The New Jim Crow.” Alexander says,“Because there is no meaningful check on the exercise of police discretion, racial biases are granted free reign. In fact, police are allowed to rely on race as a factor in selecting whom to stop and search (even though people of color are no more likely to be guilty of drug crimes than whites)—effectively guaranteeing but those who are swept into the system are primarily black and brown.” We observe as racial bias causes the officer to not only pull them over but to take them to jail simply because he saw two black men in an expensive car and was quick to assume they had stolen the

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