Country Study : North Korea

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Tyson McKercher
Kenneth Currie
ISS – 2200 01M
30 September 2015
Country Study: North Korea
North Korea, also referred to as “The Hermit Kingdom”, has gained great publicity and news coverage for its unorthodox nature and borderline reckless politics. This extremely militarized and sequestered nation is one of the last powerful totalitarian nations left and it is for this reason so much interest is being placed on this country. With its newly acquired arsenal of nuclear weapons, North Korea will soon find itself heading into chaos or learning to live peacefully with the international community.
Brief History
The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea or DPRK as it is officially named, started to present itself into the international community shortly after World War II. After the United States prevailed over the Japanese Empire in 1945, Korea was divided into two separate nations. The South was controlled and defended by the United States and the North by the Soviet Union. With the separation of North Korea from the rest of the peninsula, the Soviet Union pledged its support to the new nation and helped it develop its political infrastructure with Chairman Kim Il-Sung as Premier ruler of the DPRK. This separation was what started the drastically different developments of each country. The Korean War was initiated by the invasion of the North into the South and raged for 3 years. North Korea invaded the South and pushed back any opposition to engulf almost the whole peninsula

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