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North Korea and the United States: Two Realist-informed and Underprepared Leaders Put into rough and, for the moment, relatively simple terms, the key stakeholders in this situation reflect a triangulation of the three major theories reflected above. The liberalism ideology has been the dominant theory in America, as the postwar unified order – expressed through the dominance of the United Nations and its attempts to build a global peace. However, the contemporary global tide of isolationist nationalism propelled Mr. Trump to power, and has also led to the development of many nationalist parties in Europe, which have signaled a breaking away from the postwar, globalized peace that reflects liberalist philosophy.
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Meanwhile, North Korea, long the subject of the domino theory, is now trying to maintain its cult of personality even as its regime transitions to a third generation, one that is widely regarded to be the weakest of the regime. Kim Jong-Un remains something of an international enigma, with little known about his life, but it is widely agreed that he has “…caused a perilous international crisis by testing a nuclear weapon and threatening to use it against America and South Korea. He even distributed a strange photograph of himself supposedly in the act of ordering “merciless” nuclear strikes against the US mainland.” In some ways, Kim Jong-Un is a leader from the same mold as Trump, in that he is trying to use strong words and theatrical approaches to maintain power; the divisions he foments within the North Korean regime seem at least somewhat analogous to the divisions sown by hardline nationalist conservatives in the United States. Although the international community hoped that Kim Jong-Un’s rise to power would hearken toward a more modernized North Korea, he has instead pursued a stridently nationalist regime that sees all other nations, and especially the United States, as a direct threat to its existence.
Therefore, the central conflict involved in the current discourse between North Korea and the United States boils down to two nations pursuing a realist approach to international relations. Bound up within this paradoxically similar approach is the

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