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Everyday people tell lies that seem minor and ineffective on life. These lies are considered white lies or kind lies. A white lie is a cautious, wrong statement which is meant to do no harm or is intended to produce an encouraging result. Adair Lara’s Couple lie shows readers white lies in marriage. She states “This is marital lying. It’s not a white lie, meant to spare your feelings. It’s a pink lie, a couple lie.” In her opinion white lies and couple lies are different, couple lies are acceptable. The author and many people see white lies and couple lies as a way to get through life, but are the results always positive? Couple Lies and White lies may seem innocent and harmless but can potentially cause problems in relationships and …show more content…

These white lies are often overlooked and shrugged at, when people should actually be more cautious because it can be effortless to tell a lie or not say the truth. Telling the truth may hurt someone, but you will be respected more for your honesty and have a chance to resolve an issue without having your character

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