Courageous Research Paper

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Committed. Creative. Courageous. These are but few of the great aspects of true leadership. Through hardships and tribulation, a leader is able to effectively take control and be a example to those who surround them. Throughout my 18 years of living, I have experienced and taken advantage of this great characteristic. In my daily life, I believe leadership is what drives, motivates, and ultimately has made me who I am to this very day. I have been selected and elected leadership roles in many of the organizations I participate in, my community, and my family. I take great pride in this, because people are able to look up to me and implement those qualities within their own life. I, of course, have learned what genuine leadership is by observing the amazing actions of others. Within …show more content…

For days I had gone past ruined homes, stranded pedestrians, and countless amounts of debris. Although disaster surrounded my city, I felt an overwhelming rush to immediately help my community. I called and looked around for any shelters or churches that needed help. Finally, I had found a church that was collecting and distributing food, clothing, supplies, and basic necessities. However, the amount of volunteers was minuscule compared to the number of people who needed aid. I contacted my friends and family who were safe from the storm and asked them to please help these families who were in dire need. Within 24 hours, they all came and brought a great amount of people with them who had supplies as well. This beautiful sight is one that brought so much joy to the people surrounding and I. We were then able to quickly help the men, women, and children who then showed utter appreciation and gratefulness. In the end, there were 200 volunteers from a starting number of 32. I was able to lead the distribution of clothing and interact with the victims, hear their stories, and give out a sufficient amount of

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