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Course Project Week 3

Shimere Alexander


Managerial Applications of Information Technology

Professor Wayne Freer

January 27, 2013

Subject of Course Project

The purpose of this course project is to address the ongoing issues surrounding my companies, REI (Recreation Equipment Inc.,) inventory management issue and to see if we can find a software program better suited to the companies needs. The goal is to find products quickly and efficiently. Customer satisfaction is key to driving sales and profit in any company. As a result a software upgrade is certainly needed in order to compete with other companies in the same industry.
Name of the Company REI is a
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General Benefits for Company/Audience By taking this approach I believe that not only will the company itself benefit from the changes but the customers and employees as well. From the company side of things, they would see a higher profit margin from customers who would consider placing more orders. They would also see a drop in cost’s as far as employee payroll is concerned and telephone cost’s. Customers benefit by now having less time spent waiting for an item to be located, instead being readily available. When this occurs they are more inclined to come back and make similar purchases instead of going elsewhere because turnaround time is much quicker with less hassle and uncertainty on their part. Employees would be able to focus more on customer’s in their store and less time on phone lines or tracking down product’s. This eliminates customer dissatisfaction in stores and allows sales to grown since more customers would stay and shop as oppose to leaving angry for lack of

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