Court Room And One Party

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Lawyers are responsible to demand justice for those who have violated their legal rights or an act against the law. A lawyer is an individual that is trained to be able to handle any various legal issues at hand. Lawyers have many task such as protecting their clients life as well as belongings, defending a client if legal action is taken towards them, and guiding their client in the right direction of legal advice from the law. Our law is very complex, rather than asking someone to learn the law, as citizens we just pay someone who knows them, studies them and has practiced them in various ways. When thinking of lawyers many people only think about the big picture, two parties in a court room and one party becomes victorious. Lawyers are …show more content…

In many cases lawyers have said wrong meaning in the court for something that the client had not even done, resulting in false accusation which could possibly put an innocent person away for nothing, this is why it is essential that lawyers prepare the way that they do. As a lawyer it is your job to prove adequate abilities towards your case and most of all your client. Seeking justice in the conclusion should be the attorneys goal even if the client presumes to be guilty. As a student with a passion for the study of law, I have no fear in being the first to say that justice is something we as people need to keep fighting for. Without justice who knows how things would be, our world would be a complete mess. Recognition of the good from the bad, as well as the just of our law, to the unjust. Becoming a lawyer is no easy task, in fact it is considered one of the more difficult choices as a career path. With law being so widely spread there are numerous approaches one may take in achieving the official goal in sight, being said, most find that the approach taken is not always the final result. For example, many attorneys that pursue becoming a prosecutor have a change of mind towards that study because they learn to combat with it so well, ultimately switching sides to become a defense

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