Cow Head Mythology

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Urban legends Storytelling has been around for thousands of years. Many stories, like urban legends, were past down from generation to generation. These legends were believed to be based on true events. Though some are terrifying, a few even went as far as to end in the person’s death. Although horrid, legends like, Sadako, The White Death, and Cow Head, only affect those who have been told. Countless numbers of people have heard of the Japanese horror movie Ringu, or its English remakes, The Ring, but not many know that these movies were based on the urban legend of Sadako (Wax). The legend speaks of a young girl named Sadako who was believed to possess psychic abilities like creating words and images using her mind. According to Scary for Kids, “in Japan, they call this “Nensha” which means thought-photography or thoughtography” (Scary for Kids). After going through multiple experiments conducted by a psychic researcher, she created a short film using only her mind. It is …show more content…

The tale of Cow head “originates from the early years of the Meiji Era when a census was ordered by the emperor”(Uehara). No one really knows how the legend goes, because “ [it] was deemed too dangerous and most existing copies of it were burned years ago”(Scary for Kids 2). Many believe that once someone hears the legend they will begin to tremble in horror and eventually die a few days later (Scary for Kids 2). One account of this took place when a teacher took his class on a school trip, the teacher wanted to entertain the kids by telling them the legend of cow head. However, after only one sentence was spoken, all the kids began to beg the teacher to cease telling the story, but he had gone into a trance and was unable to stop. Once the teacher had awakened from his trance, the bus had crashed and everyone in it had died with their faces twisted in fear (Scary for

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