Cows Are Destroying Our Planet?

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Cows are destroying our planet?! According to Margaret Lundberg they are. In Lundberg’s essay “Eating Green” the author states her belief “that our personal and global health [are] tightly interconnected, and what benefits one will benefit the other” (Lundberg 570). Lundberg than goes on to explain why a vegetarian diet will restore the environment. She lacks a realistic solution for her American meat-obsessed audience. Lundberg also used unreliable sources to over emphasize the effects that the meat industry has on the environment as well as shows no evidence that a vegetarian diet is actually good for the environment. At the beginning of “Eating Green” the audience is promised a conversation on how a vegetarian diet is good for the body and possibly good for the environment. Lundberg was to go on with this topic by giving evidence on how she and her family live on a vegetarian diet and gives facts from reliable sources how vegetarian diets trump omnivorous diets. Lundberg however did neither of these. She abandons the topic of her family and goes on to explain how the meat industry in America is contributing to global warming. Lundberg herself has little to no knowledge or experience on the subject of environmental science or ecology, so she supports her essay on exaggerated facts from untrustworthy sources. An example of this is when Lundberg cites dietitian Kate Geagan about her take on the American diets impact on the environment (Lundberg 571). Geagan is a poor source

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