Creating A Thesis Statement For A Common Cause Of Homelessness

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Our class was attended in Thesis Workshop on March 27. Elizabeth, who was the tutor of the workshop, was very friendly and wholeheartedly help to the members present. First of all, Elizabeth had showed two big questions that we should know to create a thesis statement: What is a thesis? And what do you know about creating a thesis? Then she had used the topic that related to ours, about homelessness. She showed some methods to create a thesis such as using WH-questions (Especially How, Why, and What), finding claim (Education opinion and statement that is yet to be proven) and rationale (Evidence, reasons, logic…), or organizational patterns (Chronological order, cause and effect, comparison/ contrast, process/ step by step, problem-solution). …show more content…

Before I attend to the workshop, I have planned to turn my outline paper for research to my professor with a very vague thesis then after I had attended in the workshop, I have changed it more specific and clearly what I want to write about. For detail, my thesis that I haven’t changed: There are some causes of homelessness and possible solutions to reduce it. And the one I have changed and turn in: There are some common cause of homelessness that I’ve thought about late such as mental illness, emotional breaks down and illegal immigration, and the possible solutions I think should be mentioned right here are Tiny Homes and Measure

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